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About Us

With over 25 years of mobile home, and home financing experience our owner Jeff Gainsborough is well qualified to provide you superior advice and quality service on your home buying needs. Jeff taught home buying seminars to thousands of Harris and surrounding county residents for 10 years starting in 1992. Additionally Jeff was one of the mortgage expert’s on the consumer advocate radio show "Tom Martino’s The Trouble Shooter” on 740am from 2003 to 2006, so his interest in providing superior products and services at significant savings to his clients is well documented. 

We primarily carry in stock Legacy Housing homes and products, but can order Clayton Homes and products on request. 

Mobile Housing of Texas was founded in 2008.  SE HABLA ESPANOL!

IMPORTANT: Prices paid for NEW mobile homes include Towing & Installation, AC & Installation, Kitchen Appliances & factory warranty, and may also include, decking, & skirting on select NEW homes ask your sales representative for information on special offers. Pre-owned and repossessed USED homes are sold as-is. All mobile home listings subject to change without notice.